Corporate bonus card

Corporate bonus card Finlandia HotelsYou receive bonus from all purchases worth over €8. We will deposit you bonuses once a year into your company’s bank account (at latest 15 months after your first purchase). The Corporate Bonus Card will be renewed every year. It is free of charge.

Superior Corporate Bonus Card

With your Corporate Bonus Card you can attain bonus from every Finlandia Hotel (except from alcoholic beverages). The yearly paid bonus is at best 8 % from the whole year’s purchases and 5 % at minimum. The bonus percentage will depend on the whole sum of yearly purchases. Beneath is a listing of how the bonuses are given.

Please note that the holders of Corporate Bonus Card will also get restaurant benefit when staying overnight in a rack-priced room in the winter. In the summer you can choose either rack-priced room with the restaurant benefit or inexpensive summer-priced room.

Purchases in Euro, under €2500:
5 % bonus (refund even €125 )

Purchases in Euro, over €2500:
8 % bonus (refund even €800 )

More information on the Corporate Bonus Card from our service number +358 (0) 9 684 1440.

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