Using bonuses

You can always check your bonus balance when visiting our hotels, contacting our central office or in the Bonus Club. The bonuses will be registered at the latest on the following day of the payment.

When you have gathered purchases worth of €900, you will receive bonus of €50 deposited into your account. This bonus will be valid and can be used within the next two years. We will let you know in advance if your bonus points are about to expire.

You can use your bonuses in our hotels and restaurants. You can also save them into your bonus wallet and change them later for example into vouchers or for good quality bonus products.

Unused restaurant tickets can be saved into your bonus wallet and you can use them for hotel or restaurant services, always in €50 payments – the minimum sum of €50 must be used at one time and there will be given no money back.

You can change the bonus of €50 for a one free Bonus Night (one night in a double room including breakfast) in our hotels. Other family members €7/night in the same room. The benefit is valid on the weekend (Fri-Mon) and daily during summer (weeks 25-31), excluding special seasons. At other times you can use your bonuses as instalment of rack-priced rooms (if the balance is high enough, you can pay the whole amount with it of course). The free Bonus Night can be reserved 1-14 days before the planned visit. When making a reservation, it must be stated that it is a planned Bonus Night because there are limited amount of these rooms. The Bonus Night must be reserved either directly from the hotel. The price for the Bonus Card is €26 and it is valid for three years.

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